Yes, there is a Cheese Story!


Changing the World One Nibble of Cheese at a Time...

My great grandfather and grandmother, Charlie and Anna Picek, came to America in 1909 from Tabor, Czechoslovakia. In 1910 he set off with his family, rented a complete baggage car and brought 2 cows with him to Oklahoma. He quickly started a dairy farm and became the first milkman in the area and later moved to a large farm. There was an early recognition that success in his new country meant collaboration and creating the best of local products while providing for his family. That meant good cheese.

So, fast forward to the present where the Farm to Table movement has swung back to providing quality products on your dinner table. We have seen local vegetables, fruits, meats and poultry become available, but what about Cheese? Mid-America has had a number of fledgling farms trying to provide the best of goat, cow, and sheep milk products. My passion is to share their cheese making stories and how we can learn to make cheese in our own kitchens while helping farmers "Saving their Herd." Over the past years we have educated thousands of cheese lovers to elevate their cheese game. Join our Cheese Squad and enjoy the cheese journey.

I was eager to learn more about the cheese making process, so I packed my bags and spent weeks enrolled in Cheese Schools in Vermont, Canada, San Francisco, and Portland. I traveled to Germany and Switzerland in January of 2020 to study in some of the oldest cheese making facilities in the world. Using my Degree in Biology and Education, I started Saint Anne's Cheese Co., a Cheese Education and Distribution Business in the Historic neighborhood, Saint Anne's Hill, near the urban center of Dayton, Ohio.

I look forward to showing you how Saint Anne's Cheese Co is redefining the cheese experience! Interested in connecting with us or joining our community of cheese-lovers? Any photos of your cheese experiences with your family, would be wonderful. Contact us!



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